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Ted Brandsen

A beautiful idea that has been given shape in an original and special way.

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It is really a special and very beautiful edition. My compliments!


Not only is the reader treated to a perfect piece of graphics and design, they also get to discover/explore history. Each stage with a synopsis of the story highlights what the reader can expect. Each era reflects a different kind of culture and this is superbly showcased in this book in the form of art and ballet. The drawings leave you in awe; the mystery of love hides multiple perspectives. The piano keys at the bottom of each page give a unique feel that fits perfectly into the concept of black and white; a hand duet for day and night, sun and moon. Personally, I think this is a wonderful book and I can think of 40 reasons why this is so unique and wonderful. Well done!!!


This great book is one of a kind. In ‘On Wings’, Moulen Noir takes the reader/viewer on a journey through three centuries of ballet in scenes. The texts tell the history of what drives her in that ballet piece, that’s where she displays her knowledge. And in incredibly beautiful drawings we enter the world of ballet, of music, we are sucked into Moulen Noir’s unbridled imagination, we are introduced to her talent. Through beautiful drawings she transports, surprises, amazes, and she takes my breath away as we travel through time. Each page has so many nuances and expressiveness that keep you looking, you lose yourself in it, you immerse yourself. Almost meditatively, she knows how to translate her ‘knowing’ into images. A style of its own. As with all true art, you always discover something new, you keep searching and you stay curious. A piano with dancing feet, a fan whirling down like a butterfly, the performers turn, tumble, dance, fall into each other, for each other and let go again, have desires, search for love, for eternity. One leads to the other. The moon transforming into the sun, or is it the other way around? Do they seek each other or do they repel each other, or can one simply not live without the other? The musicality and movement are splashing from it. And sometimes just a simple image is where simplicity has the most power, like in the beginning of the book. Text: ‘in memoriam of my father and mother, our house on the Moon Street’. Image: a deep black page with a bright white circle in the middle. Perfectly imagined. And I could go on and on, but you really have to see and read it for yourself. An incredible amount of work has clearly gone into this, a beautiful book, beautifully designed and then you get this: quality!

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