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On Wings, three centuries of scenes from ballet

Experience all the highs and lows of ballet.
Is the dancer engaged in a duet or a duel? Will light triumph over darkness, life over death?
The ballet pianist unites these opposites; the black and white keys reverberate, side by side.

Ballet dancers defy gravity. Feathery ballets – depicted in silent black and white scenes.

‘Three centuries of scenes from ballet’ is a two-part ode to dance; to Louis XIV, Le Roi Soleil, (or Sun King), the pioneer of French court ballet in Paris, and to Sonia Gaskell, the founder of the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam.

In this book, ballet is a rhythmic interplay resembling an infinite duet between the Sun and the Moon.
The book begins with the Sun King, himself a space traveller in the role of Apollo; a cosmic Sun Dance. In the epilogue of the book, the human race sets its first steps on the moon with the Apollo Lunar space ship, coincidentally the same year that Sonia Gaskell bid farewell to her dance company.

Pen and ink drawings ~ Moulen Noir visualises 300 years of dance history in her eighteen episodes of time travel. Love and death are universal, the longing for immortality is timeless.

Ballet Royal de la Nuit | Psyché ou la Puissance de l’amour | Ballet des Muses | L’Orfeo | Les Sylphides | Giselle | Carmen | Le Lac des Cygnes | La Belle au bois dormant | Mata Hari | La Mort du Cygne | Cléopâtre | Shéhérazade | L’Oiseau de Feu | Prélude à l’après-midi d’un Faune | Le Sacre du Printemps | Apollon Musagète | Icare

Engelse vertaling, Eileen Stevens

Nederlandse versie van het boek

 ‘Op Vleugels, drie eeuwen ballet in scènes’

is nu geland in de theater-, muziek- en boekwinkels

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